High Power Rifle

High Power Rifle is a shooting sport using fullbore target rifles which are arranged in the United States by the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) and the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). The sport is divided into classes by equipment, and popular types of matches include Service Rifle (a service firearm competition), Open, and metallic silhouette. The term High Power Rifle sometimes also includes the international shooting disciplines of Palma and F-Class by the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations (ICFRA) which are represented by the NRA in the United States.

Traditional High Power Rifle shooting is most commonly done using a rifle with a military web or leather sling attached, with the shooter using a shooting mat, wearing a shooting jacket, and using a specialized glove that is worn on the support hand. The shooting is done at fixed, specific distances from the target line. Both loop slings, affixed at only the front end of the rifle stock, as well as hasty-slings, affixed at both the front and rear of the rifle stock, are also often used. 

The High Power Rifle matches at Keystone Sportsmen Association are shot only at 200 yards and shot from various positions (standing, sitting/kneeling, prone).

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